Topics: Culture, Youth subculture, History of Western subcultures in the 20th Century Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Nick Garzon Garzon 1
18 September, 2008
English 121
Paper #2: Subcultures

There are many kinds of subcultures in the world today. Be it a high school classroom, or an alley behind a bar, or even a neighborhood swimming pool, different people from different backgrounds with completely different interests, can claim or be claimed as part of a subculture. But what is subculture? How do they affect our lives, and day to day activities? The answer lies buried within the question. We are all part of subcultures, which are subdivisions of culture, meaning small groups. We are who we choose to be based on the dynamics of culture, and that which appeals to our unique interests. Where we’re from, how we look, what we do in our spare time, and what we choose not to do. These are just a few of the different aspects of subcultures. I have had many experiences with personal choices on what subcultures I belong to, what kinds of friends I’ve made, how I dress, and the way I choose to live my life up to this point. Nobody has the same exact history as anyone else, and I am glad I have a unique sub cultural experience to share.

First of all, I am a guy. I realize this sounds stupid, but it’s the first thing people can grasp when they look at me. I am male, therefore I belong to the male subculture. This has nothing to do with what the idea of a man should be, it only means that I am not a woman. When I was a young boy, I loved cartoons, and art museums, so I started to draw. Now, people use words like “artist” or “that kid what draws pretty pictures”. Therefore I have wedged myself into the subculture of people who are involved in the artistic community.

Garzon 2
In 6th Grade I joined the band program because I thought it would be fun. I decided, by process of elimination, that I was fit to be a percussionist, which fueled my love for drumming, which made me buy the clothes, and style the hair, and join the rockers,...
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