Sociology of Potheads

Topics: Cannabis, Smoke, Drug addiction Pages: 7 (1366 words) Published: April 21, 2002
Potheads have been around for generations but they didn't really become a big part of

society until the late 1960's with the arrival of the hippies. It is still a part of society whether

people like it or not. These potheads share similar views and norms therefore can be seen as a

subculture in today's society. From the way they dress, their lingo and the music they listen to

they all share similar ways of life and see things in the same light. People may not like what they

do but they don't care, they just want to get high.

Marijuana use goes back almost to the beginning of human existence and has been found

in many different ancient cultures. It has been used for many different reasons such as medicinal

and religious purposes but has never really been used by a large number of people. That is until

the hippies hit the scene in the late 60's. The hippies were the first real potheads as defined by

today's standards. They smoke weed for the enjoyment of it and did not care for much else. They

felt free and happy. The hippies of the 60's are gone but the potheads live on in our world today.

A pothead is a person that smokes marijuana for recreational purposes. They are seen as

slackers because of their careless attitudes towards society and it's issues. Their main focus in life

seems to just get high and have a good time. They do many things that normal people do like

going to school and having a job but they also share different values that make them different

from others in society. They may not all have exactly the same ideas and beliefs but much of them

are similar but when it comes to issues that involve marijuana their views are almost always the


I followed some potheads around for a day to get an idea of how they lived their lives.

The slacker term used to describe potheads seems to fit pretty well because they slept most of the

day and didn't really do much else, unless they had work or school and even then they only

seemed to go to school half of the time. They would just sit around the house and watch t.v. or

play video games. Finally one of them suggested smoking a "bowl", which is a pipe used for

smoking weed out of. Their eyes seemed to widen with joy. They sat around taking turns until

each was pretty high. Then it was back to sitting on the couch or playing video games, except

then they seemed to be enjoying it a lot more then they had been before. They would laugh

uncontrollably sometimes and talk about the most random, stupid, pointless things. Much of the

talk also seemed to be about the weed and how they were gonna get high at a party later that

night. After some time they all appeared to get hungry and as I am told this is called "getting the

munchies". They all went into the kitchen and just started eating everything they could get their

hands on. After the feeding frenzy it was back to doing nothing. They basically did nothing the

rest of the day except after their high started wearing off they smoked again. I basically thought I

was in the movie Half Baked, which is a comedy about a group of friends that are potheads and

an adventure they have.

Other then their obvious love for television and video games they do actually do some

constructive things. A lot are in to making necklaces out of hemp, which is a relative to the

marijuana plant. They make very elaborate necklaces using different kinds of beads or shells. This

has to be something only potheads do because I have never seen a person that makes these kinds

of necklaces that doesn't smoke pot. The hemp necklace can be found on alomost all true


These potheads even seem to have their own lingo. Many of them talk like the

stereotypical "surfer dude", "air head" guys seen in movies. They use words like "dude" or

"awesome". I asked a group of potheads I knew, who want...
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