Studying in High School and Studying in College

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When I was a high school student, I thinked that studying in high shool was similar to study in college.After graduating high school,and being a college student, I find down how different they are. High shool and college are alike but also different in a lot of ways. There are many reasons why studying in high school is extremely different from studying in college. The first difference is the way of studying.In high school, students are taugh for what responsibilities they have and students are corrected if they are out of line. In contrast, college students have their own responsibilities and receive the consequences of the actions. For example, in high school, if you miss a day in class, your teacher will remind you about the presence or phone your parents to let them know your case. However, in college, the teacher do not care about your absence. Therefore, you go on missing in classes, and you will fail the final test. Students should have more responsibilities for their learning in college.Another difference is the classes. High school students have to follow the schedule which teachers give them, while, college students are responsible for their own schedule which they have to arrange by themselves. Unlike high school, college provides its students with information of the classes, then students pick some classes which are suitable for their time. Consequently, college students have more time for relaxing than high school students. The last difference is uniform.As a rule, students must wear uniform for going to high school. Ortherwise, they can not attend to the class. To male students, they must wear white shirts, dark blue pants and shoes, and to female students, they must wear the “Ao dai” and sandals. On contrary, in college,students can wear casual clothes instead of uniforms. That means they can wear what they want and show off their new clothes.You can easily distinguish high school students from college students by their clothes. In...
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