Adapting To College

Topics: High school, Financial services / Pages: 2 (698 words) / Published: Mar 18th, 2016
From high school to college there are many significant changes. Some that even takes a few days or week to get used to! Throughout high school your parents and teachers are there to babysit you and tell you what to do. Parents always tell you to, “get your work done,” or “study for your test.” On top of that the teachers are always constantly reminding you and tracking you done to do something. While on the contrary, in college, your parents aren’t there so they don’t play a significant role in your everyday affairs. Also, professors are not going to track you down for you to turn in an assignment or go to class. As well as the differences of teachers, the workload is significantly different as well. In high school teachers gave you work due tomorrow and throughout the week they would give you a new assignment to work on. While in college, they give you a paper or a project due in two weeks, and its your responsibility to manage your time wisely to complete the assignment. The difficulty level of high school compared to college is not even comparable. Many students in high school could get away with barely even studying for a test. But in college, majority of the students have to study for hours upon hours to be prepared to an exam. Much more responsibility is put on the student in college, and it is very easy to get distracted. There are distractions left and right in college. Whatever you want to do besides work is available for you to do. Motivation and determination is definitely required, and skills that improve throughout college. Personally, I believe some of my strengths are taking careful notes, making friends with classmates, and being prepared for exams. Taking good notes has been a learning process from high school too. With good notes, they help you to become prepared for the exam as well. Meeting new people and interacting with others is definitely one of my favorite things to do in college. There are so many people and so many different backgrounds

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