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The Differences between High School and College
Attending high school and college is a different experience for everyone. There are a lot of differences and similarities between them. In this essay I am going to talk about what makes college different from high school for me. I will also talk about some of the things that are similar. These observations are based off of my personal experiences. Although high school and college are equally important, I prefer college because It has been a better learning environment for me.

The first thing I have noticed that is different between the two is that I actually want to go to school. When I was in high school I did not want to be there. I did not care about my work or my grades. I did not want to be there all I wanted to do was go home. Now that I am in college I get upset when I miss a day, my grades are so important to me, and the assignments seem easier.

One thing that I have noticed that is similar are the younger kids, the ones fresh out of high school, still act like they are in high school. They make fun of people for not having name brand things. They make people feel bad for being different from them. I am not partial to people who treat other people that way. High school is over and there is no point in being mean anymore.

Another difference I have noticed is how much easier the work has become. I believe that it is because I actually want to study, whereas, in high school I did not. I am making better grades in college than I ever did in high school. I am excelling at my assignments because I enjoy learning now. I have a set goal to work towards and in high school I did not have any goals. The only thing I cared about in high school was finishing. Studying and doing my work no longer seem like the chore they once were.

Another similarity is the style of teaching and how much the teachers actually want you to learn. In high school the teachers never took the time to actually make sure you...
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