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Studying Hard

By naffy83 Mar 30, 2011 338 Words
As a student in a university ,I know how much we have to work and how much it is important to do so to pass every semesters successfully . So i can see around me some student that are hard workers and pass all their time by studying , so that is why i chose to discuss about the effects of studying hard , because it's something that i can see in my class . that is why in this essay we are going to try to see a good and a bad effect of studying hard .

on the first hand studying hard can have a good benefict on a student inside the school and even outside . Inside the school the beneficial is a good grade , the pride of being a successful student that would not have any problem to transfer , to graduate or for the final exams , this can lead to a good job , a successful carrier and a lot more that life cannot offere without studying . Outside the class , the things that a hard studying can provide is to become a very cultivated person with a lot of knowledge which is important in every days life , plus the pride of our parents that put a lot of efforts into our education .

on the second hand studying too hard can also have a bad effect especially in high school or college because a person that is always studying might loose an important part of his youth . In fact these years in college and high school are the time when we encounter our best friends ( sometimes for life ) and build some strong relations . so it's important to socialize , to go out and have fun .

to conclude i would say that Studying can have some good and some bad effects on a student's life ,as everything in life studying needs a limit . cetrainly it's important to study but having fun is just as important or we would take the risk to miss an important part of our life .

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