Study Guide Govt 1301 Final

Topics: United States Constitution, President of the United States, United States, James Madison / Pages: 2 (494 words) / Published: Dec 17th, 2013
1. Which of the following came to America against their will?
2. What prodded hundreds to make the long leap into the dark?
3. What was it that betrayed a person’s rank in society?
4. What did early immigrants find when they got to America?
5. Which of the following colonies were parts of the middle colonies?
6. Which of the following colonies were parts of New England?
7. What served as the western border of the colonies?
8. What was the condition of agriculture in North America before 1492?
9. The first three Europeans to cross the Atlantic were in what occupation?
10. What was the primary motive for sailing west from Europe in 1492?
11. Who settled the Northern colonies?
12. What influenced, the “American Character”?
13. The loyal supporters of the Church of England immigrated to which colonies?
14. What kind of government evolved in the colonies?
15. What is meant by “rule by divine right”?
16. What was the Great Awakening?
17. In what way did the Great Awakening have political and revolutionary impact?
18. What was the cause of the French & Indian War?
19. What is the historical significance of the Albany Congress?
20. What was the Stamp Act Congress?
21. What was Patrick Henry’s Stamp Act speech called?
22. The “Solemn Assembly” was called in response to …?
23. In the preamble of the Declaration of Rights and Grievances, which of the following was NOT used as a basis for their rights?
24. What kind of government did the first US constitution create?
25. The 3/5 Compromise was all about …?
26. What were two of the precedents set by President Washington?
27. Why did Jefferson oppose Hamilton’s plan to establish a national bank?
28. What did the Federal Judiciary Act do?
29. What was Marbury v Madison?
30. Which of the following was not a cause for the War of 1812?
31. What was the Hartford Convention?
32. When was the peace treaty signed?
33. The War of 1812 was also called what?

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