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Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Drug addiction, Caffeine Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: February 3, 2014
The big test in school is getting closer. You’re not only worried about this particular test, but also your midterm, SAT and a difficult quiz. But are you ready? Do you have the right answers – and do you remember them? You are getting sick, nervous and anxious about the fact that you have to pass it all, otherwise your parents will be disappointed, and they will ground you. So you search on google and read about drinking a lot of water and eaten dark chocolate will do you good. But then you come across some pills that promise improving concentration, intensified productivity, increasing stamina and a boozing cognitive activity. You buy the pills and use it. Now you can spend studying many nights in a row. You have the chance to study hard for exams, so you won’t fail. If you fail you may not get your dream education. You found your solution; the study drug. Sadly – a problem is still to be found; the study drug. Because what you and many young students from USA don’t know is these pills actually are made for treating ADD and ADHD diagnosed patients, and by that fact can cause side effects to people like you without these diseases. The phenomenon “Study drugs” are greatly criticized by David Sack in his article; “Do Study Drugs Breed a Nation Of Winners – or Cheaters?”. David Sack points out the consequences and the negative aspects the drug can have. He begins by criticizing the picture young students have to follow by every single day. The individual have to achieve success, winning, and have to do whatever it takes to be number one. It’s no longer a question about how hard you have to work, but the “smartest” way of working. The young students can’t resist the strong pressure from their parent, and also from the system. This is where the dangerous study drug comes in the picture. David Sack mentions the negative effect of the study drug. For example these drugs are originally designed for people with ADD and ADHD, but people without...
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