Adderall Abuse in Students

Topics: Amphetamine, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Drugs Pages: 3 (1638 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Adderall Abuse in Students
Adderall is a drug used for treatment and control of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. These are neurological disorders that affect both adults and kids similarly. The drug controls impulses, distractions and causes sluggishness. It enhances the level of brain activity in the user increasing the amount of concentration for long periods of time. My little brother has ADD, and he takes Adderall to help him retain his focus. Adderall has sadly been being used for the wrong reasons, not by ”gangsters”, but my respectable students! Students in colleges have reported cases of inability to concentrate in their studies in the hope that they might get their hands on this concentration-enhancer. As a result, they have been improperly diagnosed with ADHD and have started to use this prescription drug for recreational purposes to enhance their concentration capabilities especially during the time they are about to sit their exams. The use of this drug by students at the time of examination and during their assessment has become a common issue in colleges and universities worldwide (“Adderall.” We should ask ourselves, “Is the use of such a brain-enhancer beneficial or is it harmful?” Being top of my class, I am an avid student and can get obsessive about my grades at times, but using drugs to improve performance is the same thing as athletes using performance-enhancing drugs; it is morally wrong. Research has shown that Adderall affects certain parts of the brain, which are responsible for the task of executing the mind’s decisions. If this part of the brain, known as the frontal cortex, fails to execute properly, then the person experiences a lack of focus and inability to finish a task or concentrate on the task at hand. Adderall produces a certain neurological stimulant known as dopamine, which inhibits the re-uptake of a certain neurotransmitter known as dopamine into synapses of the transmitting...
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