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Topics: Yangon, President of the United States, Burma Pages: 16 (19332 words) Published: October 22, 2014
New Light of Myanmar

Volume XXII, Number 41

4th Waxing of Nayon 1376 ME

October 2015 still set for Myanmar’s Yangon
Stock Exchange launch

Old Central Bank building in which Myanmar’s Securities and Exchange Commission’s office is set to open.—Photo: Ye Myint

By Ye Myint
minister of finance says the
planned launch of Myanmar’s stock exchange is on
track for October next year.
“Myanmar’s Yangon
Stock Exchange plan is progressing on schedule,” Dr
Maung Maung Thein said,
insisting there will be no delays and the target date will
be met.
The deputy minister
told a gathering of officials
from government and private banks at a joint seminar
on Preparation for a Securities Company in Yangon
on Saturday that the three
components— formation of
a securities and exchange
commission, launch of Myanmar’s first stock exchange
and preparation by companies to be listed—for emergence of a capital market are taking place simultaneously.
He confirmed the commission will emerge very
soon, certainly within a
The deputy minister
repeated that the Yangon
Stock Exchange will be
operated by Myanmar Economic Bank in partnership
with Japan’s Tokyo Stock
Exchange (TSE) and Daiwa

Securities Group, a Japanese securities company and
the signing of a joint venture
agreement will occur soon
after the establishment and
operation of a securities
regulator. He approved the
SEC will be headquartered
on the first floor of old Central Bank building on Sule
Pagoda Road in Kyauktada
Regarding the preparation for the companies to be
listing on the exchange, proposals from six companies
with impressive business
performances have been
received and signings with
two companies, including
Asia Green Development
Bank (AGD), have been
completed. Arrangements
for signed deals with the
remaining four are going
He highlighted the
importance of quality, saying only a small number of
companies will be allowed
to list on the stock exchange
During the seminar
hosted by the Ministry of
Finance and Daiwa Institute
of Research, which has been
giving assistance in setting
up Myanmar’s capital market for around 20 years, Daiwa officials made presentations explaining roles the of

securities and requirements
for establishing a securities
They also answered
queries raised by those present.
At a Q and A session,
Sumiyuki Kazama, DIR’s
senior executive managing
director, told The New Light
of Myanmar that personnel procurement before the
launch of the stock market
will be an inevitable difficulty because the planned stock
market will be a new business for Myanmar.
Following the signing
of a memorandum of understanding between the
Central Bank of Myanmar,
DIR and TSE on the implementation of a stock market
in Myanmar that includes

assisting Myanmar’s human
resources development in
2012, Daiwa has held seminars and trained government
courses are being conducted by a Daiwa-Myanmar
foundation in cooperation
with the Myanmar Institute
of Certified Public Accountants, he added.
On the small number of
companies to be listed when
the exchange launches, he
said more companies will be
included later.
Myanmar enacted the
Securities and Exchange
Law in July, 2013 for the
launch of the country’s first
stock exchange in more than
50 years.

Sunday, 1 June, 2014

Myanmar will not tolerate
any violation of its
sovereignty and territorial

Nay Pyi Taw, 31 May—The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar issued a press release on 31 May. The full text of the press release
is as follows:On 28 May 2014, around (MST) 09:00 hour, the
Myanmar troops opened fire on two suspected armed
Bengalis in yellow camouflage uniform who entered into
the Myanmar territory within 80 feet from the Myanmar-Bangladesh...
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