Education and School

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Prepare an analysis of 1,000−1,250 words in which you address the following aspects of school culture and climate. Identify: 1. Whether your school is conventional, congenial, or collegial. 2. What type of supervisory climate exists on your campus.

3. Whether your current school leader is conventional, congenial, or collegial. 4. The leadership method and style exhibited in your current setting.  Support each identification request above with specific data (behaviors) that defend your analysis. Give detailed examples that will support your content. Provide a research-based recommendation on strategies that can be employed by leadership in your school to enhance collegiality and collaboration within your school organization. Be thorough in your recommendations.  Support your paper with at least five scholarly references. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.  Strong leadership within a school is necessary however with the increased support of the common core state standards, teachers are expected to take on a role that goes above and beyond the classroom. The school this author teaches in is predominately conventional. Conventional schools are easily recognized because little communication exists between staff and leadership (Hawkins, 2012). The principal is a strong leader with strong ideas and not very approachable when others have ideas that could ultimately help the children. Heck (2010) claims school leadership exerts a measurable, albeit indirect effect on student learning. When a principal is not willing to share that leadership all stakeholders will suffer, including the students. The principal has poor communication skills. There has not been a faculty meeting in the last three months leaving the staff wondering what is going on and afraid to ask because she may not be in the mood to discuss any situation. The school does not have...
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