Student Performance Online Monitoring System

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Student Performance Online Monitoring System

A title proposal presented to the
faculty of the graduate school of
Main Campus, Dapitan City

In partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the degree of
Master of Science in Information Technology



This research is dedicated to our almighty father who has been my strength in all the things I do. It is also dedicated to the teachers and faculties who had helped me in accomplishing this research.

The study will be a great component in monitoring the student performance through the help of the internet. A web application will be properly design to make it user-friendly and easy to use by the students, parents and teachers. This will give the feedback to the students regarding their performance in school or how they are doing in school. Software development methods are being used in this study to fulfill it, this includes the requirement specification, analysis, design, implementation and testing. Chapter 1



Educators have their own responsibilities in handling their students. Parents trust them to take care and monitor their children while they are in school. Parents need to know their children’s performance in school in order to guide them and ensure that they are still doing the right thing in school. Children need to be guided by the person around them so that they will have a better future. Parents, guidance and teachers have the individual responsibilities in molding the student into a better person. They must be involved in the monitoring the student performance so that the student will also be motivated and they will also contribute in the student’s achievements. Parents, guardian and teachers should work together for the student to be successful in school. Feedback seeking is a behavior in which individuals actively pursue and acquire relevant information about their performance. It involves inquiry, where students ask for their performance and monitoring where students observe cues to obtain information about their performance (Deanne Geddes). Since Information Technology has been developed over the years, the used of IT can be very useful in creating the system. Statement of the Problem

Some teachers don’t have a monitoring system that will provide feedback to the students, parents and guardians on the performance of the student which may lead them to conclude that the student is doing well in school. Sometimes parents and guardians are busy on their different works and don’t have enough time to visit the school and ask for the performance of their children. Using this system will give them easy access in monitoring the performance of the student through the help of the internet. This will help them monitor the academic performance of their children. Conceptual Framework

According to Deanna Geddes there is a negative relationship between instructor inquiry and student final grad, it is reasonable to assume that student often approached faculty because they were doing poorly in class. The researcher formulated the idea of Student Performance Online Monitoring System so that the students can get their school performance record in school without the fear of approaching their teachers. The greatest challenge faced by engineering faculty is balancing effective teaching, research and service with time. Faculties are also responsible for advising students to register for courses and the curriculum and other developmental matters. By utilizing the technology continuous monitoring can easily be made (Hargrove, 1997). Dekhtyar et al. (2001) presented Bayes Net model of academic advising where the academic performance of students was predicted in order for advisors to guide the students effectively. Effective academic advising increases likelihood that students achieve their educational goals and could result...

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