Student Feedback Management System

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Student feedback management system Mini Project Synopsis

Internal Guide:

Team Members:

For more:

Student Feedback Management System with respect to college faculty and students. Here students need to login with their respective user name and password. They get a feedback form, there would be some questions about their faculty, and students have to mark their opinion towards each faculty with respect to academics in the form of poor, fair, good, very good, excellent. Once the student fill the form and submits, it cannot be modified again. Head of the Department will have different interface, he need to login with his respective user name and password then he can view the feedback form results. The administrator would be having all the responsibilities and authorities of this Student Feedback Management system web application.

Modular Description:
There would be 3 User for this web application: Students: When the student login with his/her usn, he/she would be redirected to his/her respective feedback form, he/she no need to search for his department, semester and faculty. After he/she fills and submits his/her form it will be locked, he/she cannot open that form again with same usn and it displays message as feedback form is already filled. Some questions would be included in the feedback form and students get 5 options like poor, fair, good, very good, excellent. Constrains while filling the feedback form:  Allowed only one option in the 5 options.  Until student completes answering the entire questions, he could not submit his answers.  Once student submits his/her answer it cannot be changed again.  For every six moth forms would get reset by the administrator. Head of the department: When the head of the department login with their user name, they would be redirected to Head of the department page, they can check the results which would be calculated automatically when ever each...
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