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Elizabeth P. Barnes

My Personal Life

General Idea about life:

People throughout the world have different lifestyles. Living standard is so dramatically different from country to country. It means that the way of living is not really similar in comparison. Some people are living in a very poor situation while other people are living in a good situation or in a privileged family.

About Author:

To begin with, I would like to brief my personal biography. Sophyra Sokhan, my official name, was given by my parents. My full name combines with both my father’s surname and my mother’s given name. I was born on May 11, 1994. I grew up in Phnom Penh City, which is the capital city of Cambodia. In my family, I have two younger sisters, and they are now in one of the public colleges in Cambodia.

Both of my parents are working in the Ministry of Education. My mother is currently working as a kindergarten teacher in a public school. And my father is working just like my mother’s occupation. Besides working as a teacher, my parents also own a huge agriculture field located in the suburb. There, we grow the variety of fruit trees, banana tree; mango trees; and many kinds of vegetables. Furthermore, we also have a large enough house as our accommodation with a couple of bedrooms.

Author’s life as a child

Let’s get back to my daily life when I was a child. Since I was born, my parents were so busy with taking care of me. When I was a young age, I was so rebellious, stubborn, bad attitude, and wanted unaffordable things that I yearned to get such as toys, video games, etc. However, I am willing to say that I am such a good fortunate child to be born as my parents’ son.

Even though I acted aggressively in front of them, they always forgave me. No matter what kind of mistakes I have made, they’ve never imposed a physical punishment, were irritated, or got tired of taking care of me. Instead of giving infliction for my fault, they always sought appropriate disciplines to guide me to be a good person. Some of the other parents always treat their children by punishing and

screaming at them when they made big mistakes. Furthermore, I can say that I have such a wonderful and exciting life to be living with my parents because they are reasonable, fair, kind, and never force me to something that I don’t want to do.

Life differences between living in city and countryside

Talking about my life as a child, before heading to my life, I come up with a comparison between my life in the city and other children in the countryside. The modern times have brought people to live in cities while the countryside has become less populated. Not only this reason that causes this trend, but also other reasons.

The first reason is the education system in Cambodia. Children can be educated in a high standard school in the city while children in the countryside are unable to be educated in a good school – lack of financial support. Children who are living in cities more likely to find a high paying job rather than children in the countryside because city children have attended a highly qualified school in the city.

In the city, you can find a lot of high quality schools. They are numerous of language school such as English, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. The majority of Cambodians prefer English as a second language because many abroad scholarships offer to students are in English literature. So, as a city child, I have more opportunities to learn English as a second Language than other children who are living in countryside.

The second reason is about health care and medical care in the country side is not really convenience. For example, whenever people get a serious illness, they have to drive from their living to the city. Because in the city has professional doctors that can cure various kind of...
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