The Struggles of a Single Parent

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Oniel Morrison
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Persuasive Narrative Paper


As the saying goes to every start there is an end.My mother and i have a bond like no other she is like my bes friend.I was born in the eighties where mannerism was an important thing.It is not like in today's society, where you can approach an elderly person the way you feel like. I was brought up by a single parent.It was back in jamaica ,the third largest carribbean,island.It gain it's independence in 1962.We were once ruled by england,things according to the elders were better.We have fourteen parishes,with st .catherine the largest,six heroes and one heroine.We are located ninty miles from cuba. Growing up i was too young to understand why my all my friends had a dad and i didn't.It was sometime later on in life i that i found out why.I could remember ,my mother working real hard to make too ends meet.I remember all this like it was yesterday ,she suffered scrutiny from bystanders,who was looking merely to judge her. Even though here education was shortned,due to the fact she had me at the age of sixteen.She made it her priority that i attended school,i could remember her walking with me to school.It was sad to say i went to school more often than my friends who had a stable home.She instill some true values in me as a youngster,i didn,t had the luxury of toys either. I use to get in trouble alot ,in the past.I think it was because that father figure wasn't there,so i grew a sense of hatred and rebellion.Well back in those days parents could disciplined a child.It's no like today where parents can get in trouble if they discipline there child.It is not like she wasn't doing a good job in nurturing me,she was.I was yarning for a dad, i remembered when my mom take me to visit his parents.I will never forget that day,my great grandma embrass her,it was the first time i see her...
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