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Research Proposal

Name of proponents: Mariano, Princess Gay V.
Tagle, Charlene M.
Tumbaga, Aries L.

School Year/Trimester: 2013-2014/3rd Trimester
Proposed thesis title: Online Ordering System for Casey’s Pizza with Payment System

Area of Investigation
Casey’s Pizza Food Shop is using traditional marketing or advertising strategies for them to market their business because they lack knowledge in today’s technology. They have been accepting orders manually between their customers which utilizes much of their time. Based on the information gathered, the researchers motivated to conduct a research to find out if it is efficient to establish an e-commerce website with an online ordering system that can endorse Casey’s Pizza to a wider range for more customers. Proposed has the following modules:

The first page to view when you search the URL on the browser will be the Home page, which contains the name and image of the company. About us
This module will have the history and background information about the company. It also includes the name of the persons who is part of the company.

In order to login on the Online Ordering System, a user need to register first. When you search the URL on the browser, the Home page will display the Login page, it have a Register module where you can register or login and use the Online Ordering System, in the Register module you will be ask some information’s, contacts including your e-mail address so that it will be use once you forgot your password and want to reset it. When you’re done completing all the information needed, click the register, then your account will be saved to the database. Products

This module contains the images and pictures of their menus, and also the price list of the products, this will also include the picture of the food shop, the outer, and the inner views of the shop. Contact Us

On this module it will contain the...
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