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By Malaysia16 Apr 15, 2013 1222 Words
Final Draft
Evaluating Lighthouse
Malaysia Shufford
27, March 2013
Instructor Dr, Norm Campbell

Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School also known as ILCS is a medium sized school located in Marion County. ILCS has all grades from pre-k to 12th grade. I am a student at Lighthouse, and I created a ten question survey to interview students and teachers on three different criteria. The criteria I used in the survey were as follows: priority, safety, and opportunity. I chose priority because it is important that ILCS put education of students above all. I then chose safety because it is important that everyone who attends lighthouse feel’s safe. Last but not least I chose opportunity because it is very important that the school offers different opportunities for the students to improve themselves and their grades.

Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School is a very safe school. In order to enter ILCS throughout the day, there’s a main entrance where the office is located, when someone’s in the office they will buzz the visitor, student, or staff member in. Also during passing periods for students, every teacher who’s expecting a class stands outside his/her door monitoring the hallways. If someone is let inside by a student, and has not signed in or hasn’t been identified the school will shut down class rooms and passing periods. Based off of the knowledge I have on Lighthouse, I interviewed two students and one teacher. The first question I asked the interviewee’s is how safe do you feel at Lighthouse. “I feel very safe, at Lighthouse.” (J .English Personal interview, 14 March 2013) I asked her, what makes you feel safe? “I have insurance and that security policies are very structured.” (J. English Personal interview, 14 March 2013). The students that I interviewed both said that they felt safe for similar reasons. "I feel safe because the main entrance is in front of the main office where all who enter are buzzed in.” (S. Jackson Personal interview, 14 March 2013). Lighthouse is also safe because students, teachers and administrators take inappropriate language and behavior seriously. The interviewees said that they have never felt unsafe due to administrators, teachers, or students behavior. The interviewees and I had similar reasons to why we felt safe. Based off of this research three out of three interviewees and I feel as though Lighthouse is safe. I ranked Lighthouse Charter School administrators’ priorities from greatest to least, the list is as follows: education, successful students, discipline, attendance of students, and satisfying the students’ parents. I ranked education as the greatest priority because the main reason we students, teachers, and administrators attend school is for education. I ranked successful students second because a successful student is one who graduates and go to college, and Lighthouse created a college prep academy to prep their students for college. Without discipline at lighthouse it wouldn’t be a safe learning environment, so Lighthouse tries their hardest to keep discipline by using uniforms, tab out rooms, ISS, and other tactics. Attendance of students at Lighthouse is very important because it not only determines if the school stays open, but it determines the students’ success. The priority that I ranked least is satisfying the students’ parent, because some parents do not know what’s best for their child. I and the teacher I interviewed ranked the priorities the same way. She ranked education the greatest because Lighthouse Charter School focuses solely on educating their students. She ranked successful student second because she wants her students to attend college, Discipline was third in her rankings because she said “Without discipline there would be no learning.” (J. English Personal interview, 14 March 2013) the interviewee also thought that if attendance rates were not a priority that there would not be successful students. Satisfactory of students’ parents came in last because some parents don’t take their child’s education seriously. The students that I interviewed put the priorities in the following order: Successful students, education, and attendance of students, discipline, and satisfying the students’ parents. The students said a successful student was the greatest. The reason as to why is because ILCS is a high performing school and Lighthouse want their students to go off to college. Based off of research I and the teacher I interviewed ranked Lighthouse priorities in the same order for different reasons. The students I interviewed both ranked Lighthouse priorities in the same order so one out of three interviewees agree with the ranking I chose. Third, there are a lot of opportunities at Lighthouse. Lighthouse offers many opportunities to help students improve themselves and their grades. Lighthouse has sports to help students become more athletic, it has National Honors Society, which helps to build a humble character, and tutoring to help students increase their grades. The interviewees I interviewed all agreed that Lighthouse has a lot of opportunities that help students improve themselves and their grades. Reason number 1 was because ILCS offer college courses and college trips. Another reason why was because ILCS has tutoring for low performing students, and G.W.P- guided work periods for these students to get caught up on work. The final reason was because ILCS has NHS-national honors society, basketball, community service, and etc.\that will look good on a resume. Based on research I learned that I and the interviewees all had different views on opportunities at Lighthouse, but agreed that there are a lot of opportunities that help students improve themselves and their grades.

In conclusion overall ILCS knows its priorities, is a safe haven and, has many opportunities. All interviewees of this survey proved that ILCS performs very efficient in these areas. ILCS is a nice school that I would recommend parents to send their children to. Also it is a great place for teachers who are well experienced and passionate about their job to come and work here. ILCS has so many opportunities for students and it would be a waste if a student who attends a not so high performing school misses out on these opportunities. ILCS is a three out of three meaning one teacher and two scholars in whom I interviewed said well about Lighthouse.

1.Rank the following priorities of Lighthouse Charter School from GREATEST-LEAST? ·Discipline
· Successful students
·The attendance of students
·Satisfying the students’ parents
2.) Please support your rankings using a maximum of three sentences 3.) From the list of priorities above, tell me why you ranked the priority you chose for greatest as the greatest? Using a maximum of two sentences explain.

1.) Do you feel safe at Lighthouse Charter School? If so in a maximum three sentences tell my why you said yes or no. 2.) Have you ever felt unsafe do to…
A.A student’s behavior
B.A teachers behavior
C.An administrators behavior
3.) If you chose any letter from question five tell me in 1-2 sentences what happen, and if you felt the situation was handled in the correct manor. OPPORTUNITY:
1.)Does Lighthouse Charter school offer opportunities to help you improve yourself or your grades? In 1-2 sentences tell me why you chose the answer you did. 2.)Are there a lot of opportunities at Lighthouse?

3.)Please support the claim you made in question two with details.

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