Stuart Little

Topics: Stuart Little, Family, E. B. White Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 29, 2008
The story I read for my book report is an E.B White classic, Stuart Little. The setting takes place in the nineteen nineties in the city of New York. The purpose of this story is to entertain the reader. The reason why it is to entertain is because in real life mice can’t talk, drive boats, and drive cars. The main characters are Stuart, Marlago, and the Little family. Stuart is a city mouse. Marlago is a bird. The Little’s are a human family with a mom, dad, and one son. The genre of this book is fiction because winding back to the entertain part, mice can’t really talk, drive boats, and drive cars. First, the Littles’ were looking for a stepson to be, and right along Stuart came. So Stuart ended up to be their stepson .As Stuart grew older he thought he was in more and more need of a job. So the son of Mrs. Little built him a miniature car to drive to work, and the day right after that he got a job by surprise from someone in need of a boat driver but not just any boat driver a miniature boat driver. So Stuart accepted the job and entered in the annual boat riding contest. He was racing against the boat Lillian B. Wormrath the name of the boat he drove was the Wasp because it seemed as if it to go as fast as a wasp. Later on, Stuart met a very nice bird named Marlogo . He told her that it would be okay if she were to sleep on the red fern. Early that morning he felt he should make sure that Marlogo was fine. The only problem with that was she wasn’t there.Stuart interrogated everybody in the house he kept on asking questions until he decided he’d run away from home to look for Marlogo. He searched and searched but never gave up. He kept on going until he needed to take a short rest. He stopped along the way at the Western town soda shop to buy a sarsaparilla. He kept on going and going and he thinks he must be heading the right way. The point of view this story is in is third person because the author is not in the story. The...
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