Struggling Readers

Topics: Teacher, Lesson plan, Education / Pages: 5 (1041 words) / Published: May 7th, 2011
1 Topic: Strategies for Reading / Grades 3-5

Resource Book: Strategies for Struggling Readers

Author: Jo Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Creative Teaching Press Inc.

Year: 2007

ISBN#: 13: 987-1-59198-434-4
Book Description:
When I am hired as an Education Assistant, I would like to have extensive resources or strategy books, classroom materials, websites, and any of my peer’s knowledge to help me in my work environment. This book and the many resource books that this class will provide can ensure the strategies and knowledge to help me teach and instruct the many subjects to my future students. This book that I picked is filled with direct step-by-step instructions that will help E.A’s teach students to take an active role in learning on how to read, supply them with the tools to help them succeed and have fun in the process.
This book “Strategies for Struggling Readers” is a very resourceful teacher’s book that provides the five components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension). Throughout this book it has teacher’s instructions on how to teach the material directly to the students and exercises or activities to support each lesson.
This book is divided into three parts:
Reading Intervention: This chapter involves explicit and systematic reading and writing levels, extensive instruction in phonics, grammar, and word-attack strategies, guided reading and content standards, teacher assessment and correction of skills, and self-assessment (goals or achievements).There are many strategies that can start any struggling reader and one of them is the” Give Me 5 –S” cycle. This strategy helps the student feel comfortable about reading and engages the student to retain the story that he/she has read.


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