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structualism and functionlism paper

By Michael-Sterling Oct 19, 2014 256 Words
University of Phoenix Material

Structuralism and Functionalism Worksheet

Complete the following table:

Main Components

-Reduce conscious processes to their simplest components.
- Determine laws by which these elements of consciousness were associated. - Connect the elements with their physiological conditions.
–Mental functions: look at real-world problems
–How people function in, and adapt to, different environments Contributions to the field of Psychology

-Method of Research
-Catalyst for other schools of though

-A focus on animal psychology, which formed the basis of comparative psychology. - An emphasis on the functions rather than the structure of consciousness. -The acceptance of methodology and data from many fields.

- A focus on the description and measurement of individual differences. Criticisms

– Titchener and Külpe’s methods are subjective
reports of the elements of consciousness
– Introspection alters the conscious experience it
intends on studying
– Mind is not capable of studying itself
– Meticulously trained observers will be biased
– Titchener could not give an exact meaning to
Structuralism accused of artificiality
– The whole experience cannot be captured by a
combination of elements
– Limited concept of the field: Titchener regarded
animal psychology and child psychology as not
psychology at all
Came mostly from structuralism included:
–Any approach to psychology that deviated from the introspective analysis of the mind into elements could not truly be called psychology –Criticisms of the functional psychologists’ interest in practical concerns Ongoing dispute between seeing psychology as a pure or as an applied science.

Schultz, D. P. (2011). A History of Modern Psychology (10th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook.

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