Stressors in Our Lives

Topics: Person, Major, Health Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 2, 2013
In present times, stress becomes intertwined with people’s lives and so people cannot avoid it wherever they go. Many people are faced with it in workplace, home, school or way. Stress is a condition experienced when people believe that they cannot cope with the physical and psychological demands. There are many causes of stress in our lives and these are defined as stressors. Stressors generally lead to negative stress because people cannot their demands. For example, when a person is in traffic congestion, he will be late for his job meeting or if teenagers who want to get higher grades are not successful in the exams they are generally in a stressful situation. Therefore, these stressors affect people’s lives negatively. People are often faced with many types of them and there are two major stressors in our lives. One of the major stressors is external stressors. There are several types of external stressors and these are generally based on people’s social and physical environment. First type of the external stressors is major life events. People cannot avoid these events and they cannot readily deal with these issues. For example, death of spouse, children or close family member is the major source of them. When somebody’s spouse or children dies he cannot accustomed to new life style without them and this leads to stress. Another source of external stressors is change in residence, school or workplace. For example, when somebody moves a different city or country, he cannot get used to a new environment and culture and so stress becomes inevitable for him. Second type of external stressors is financial problems. Major source of financial problems is anxiety over bills and debt on credit accounts. If a person has a limited income and this does not fulfil his needs, he will get into debt and he always will be in a stressful situation because he cannot pay the debt. Another source of financial problems is social pressure to afford luxuries and earn a high...
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