stress while taking online class

Topics: Sleep deprivation, Family, Sleep Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: September 30, 2013

My name is john. I’m twenty eight, and I would have never thought I was college material. Friends and family thought it was a great idea; they knew I always wanted to become a computer technician and if I haven’t had kids so young and had to work several jobs that I would have became one sooner. My friends and family were very supportive of me in the beginning. My girlfriend thought it was a big step; she said it was going to be a long amazing journey and that she would crack the whip to get me motivated for a change and to make sure I would stay on top of my work like I do to the kids. So with the love and support that I received from family and friends I decided to give college a shot, to become a computer technician. As I made the decision to give college a try my support system became even stronger than ever and everyone accepted their role and responsibility so that I would have time to study and take my exams in a timely matter. But as time progress I suddenly feel the pressure, with being a dad, employee, and a student. It’s hard to study and complete exams when I have to be at cheer practice with my daughter or t-ball practice with my son. Even sometimes when I sit at the computer to complete an exam I’m always interrupted by my kids or girlfriend and have to attend to their needs. Although my courses are online transportation is an issue for the moment. My girlfriend and I share a vehicle, with our work schedules conflicting here’s where it gets confusing. She wakes up 6:30 am to go to school, while I stay home with our 1 year old. Daycare is really expensive, so we save money by her staying home with me. By 1:00 pm my girlfriend arrives back home from school, she then tries to get some rest because she to have to work the night shift. At 2:00 I leave to go to work. Around 7:00 pm I get my dinner break, on that break I rush home to pick my girlfriend up for work and they baby to her grandmothers house. After that I go back to work, then at...
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