Strengths and Weakness of Firms: Management's Interest

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Chapter - I
Introduction of the study

1.1 Introduction
The management of any firm is interested in knowing the strengths and weakness of the firms. They would like to spot out the financial weakness of the firm to take suitable corrective actions. The future plans of the firms should be laid down in view of the firm should be laid down in view of the firm’s financial analysis is the starting point for making plans before using any sophisticated forecasting and planning procedures. The Finance Manager has to take rational decisions from time to time keeping in view the objective of this company, always the decisions must be based on the analytical tools. Financial analysis is the most useful technique in this regard. Financial analysis relies on the comparisons relationship of the data that enhances the utility or the practical value of the organizational information. This analysis consists in applying various analytical tools and techniques to the financial data. Financial analysis provides for analyzing financial conditions and performance of a company and to present their financial situation to stockholders, creditors and to the general public. A firm communicates financial information to the users through financial statements and reports. It contains summarized information of the firm’s financial affairs, organized systematically. All these statements are used by investors and financial analyst to examine the firm’s performance should be prepared very carefully and contain all the information required. The strength of any company or its performance is being measured in terms of the financial performance of the unit. In this project it is attempted to analyze the financial performance of the Mathrubhumi printing and publishing company (P) ltd.

1.2 Introduction of the Company
A newspaper is a publication containing news, information and advertising. General newspapers often feature Articles on political events, crimes, business, art, entertainment, society and sports. Most traditional papers also feature editorial pages containing columns that express the personnel opinion of writers. Supplementary section may contain advertising, comics and coupons.

A wide variety of material has been published in newspapers that includes editorial opinions Criticism, persuasion and op-eds, entertainment feature such as crosswords, Sudoku, gossip, food and other columns, critical reviews of movies, play and restaurants, play and restaurants, classified ads, editorial cartoons and comic strips.

Indian Paper Industry
The Indian Economy is progressing well and targeting 8% plus growth. The economic reforms coupled with the liberalized Government policies in India have offered excellent business opportunities for Investments.

One of the first FDI projects may come through the proposed finish proposal to set up 4, 00,000 TPA capacity plant with an investment of US Dollar 240 Million.
The Indian paper Industry is among the Global players today, with an output of more than 6 Million tons annually with an estimated turnover of Rs 1, 50,000 Millions (Approx USD 3400 Million).
Paper Industry in India is riding on a strong demand and on an expanding mood to meet the projected demand of 8 million tons by 2010 and 13 million tons by 2020.
A large number of expansion programs and expansion of capacities with an outlay of Rs 10,000 crores have been announced covering the various sectors like paper, paperboard, newsprint etc. * Industry needs capital and technology

* Increase in energy cost to nearly 25% of cost production and the sense of an urgency to improve energy management and consumption * Quantum leap in production calling for a high demand projections which is possible only by expansion of existing capacity and creation of additional capabilities. In addition the up gradation of technology and new capacities also involve massive investment.

Kerala Paper Industry
A dozen of...

Bibliography: 2. Khan M.Y and Jain P.K (2002) “Financial Management”, Tata Mc Graw Hill, third edition
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