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Topics: Balance sheet, Asset, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Pages: 4 (906 words) Published: May 5, 2013

Financial Analysis Statement
Yukia Frasier
ACC 205
Prof. Brent Tabor
18 March 2013

Financial Analysis Statement
Financial analysis has an important role in the changing economic environment. It helps in understanding of the correctness and efficiency of the use of financial resources in generating company earnings. It gives company’s an opportunity to evaluate its financial operations and market position, to identify possible risk, to notice mistakes and make plans for the future. The evaluation of a company’s financial position and operating efficiency can be regarded as part of financial policy. With that being said, a skillful management of resources must be based on the results of financial analysis.

The name of my company is Bonneau’s Network Solutions. My company is designs, implement and supports just about every other business in the surrounding area. It provides solutions that allow large and small companies to maintain and safeguard their business. We provide resources like engineering talent, reporting and customized escalation plans, and security expertise. We give companies that are struggling with limited IT budgets and staff the power to leverage essential services and expertise at a fraction of their cost. We provide remote network operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some of the company’s competitors are Black Rock and Legg Mason. Horizontal Analysis and Balance sheet
Bonneau’s Network Solutions| Current year| percent| Previous year| percent| 3 years ago| percent| Income statement| | | | | | |
Revenue| 61,494| 100%| 52,952| 100%| 61,101| 100%|
Cost of goods sold| 49,128| 79.9%| 42,789| 89.9%| 49,375| 80.8%| Gross profit| 12,366| 20.1%| 10,113| 19.1%| 11,726| 19.2%| | | | | | | |
R&D| 661| 1.1%| 624| 1.2%| 663| 1.1%|
Selling gen. and admin| 7,302| 11.9%| 6,465| 12.2%| 7,102| 11.6%| Non...
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