Strengthen the mechanical equipment daily maintenance work

Topics: Security, Management, Machine Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: September 25, 2014
"To do a good job, must first sharpen his."To mechanical equipment normal operation, it is necessary to ensure mechanical equipment in good condition.bucket elevatorCamellia seed refining equipment daily maintenance and maintenance work is very important, is sick of mechanical equipment repair, machinery and equipment safe operation is the basic.Enterprise according to the actual mechanical equipment daily maintenance plan, overhaul at least once a year.Maintenance of machinery and equipment safety maintenance fund should be established and special fund is special, can effectively solve the safety hidden trouble.Concrete filling in maintenance on-site maintenance, focusing on safety protection areas for maintenance.Progress through the daily maintenance and maintenance can effectively produce efficiency, prolong the service life of mechanical equipment, ensure mechanical equipment intact rate 100%. After the maintenance of mechanical equipment to debug the normal position after deposit machine shop.No machine shop when not used to film covering, the mechanical device to prevent corrosion rain and snow.After use of machinery and equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection in time. 6. In mechanical equipment disinfection sterilization on scheduleRice bran oil dewaxing Camellia seed refining equipment and other machinery and equipment industry, are food contact by and its products, do not allow mechanical equipment has a pest or disease.Pests, germs, during the period of high incidence in the summer, to the camellia seed refining equipment sterilization processing on schedule, especially after for mechanical equipment with grain pests of homework, required for the machine xiaosha processing machinery and equipment, prevent cross infection caused by mechanical equipment, bring security hidden danger to food reserves. 7. Enhance staff skills training

Enhance staff skills training and safety laws and regulations, and progress to produce professional quality and...
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