vertical roller mill routine maintenance note

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In the stone production line , the equipment used is relatively large vertical roller mill , including for stone crushing jaw crusher, secondary crusher crushing counterattack , or use a heavy-duty molded stone crusher . Sometimes you need to configure impact vertical roller mill according to process requirements . Where , in the stone production line , most of the maintenance work is for the maintenance of the equipment vertical roller mill to do the work in this part of the maintenance of stone production line will enable successful completion . We will three aspects vertical roller mill maintenance.

1. vertical roller mill bearing maintenance
Bearing parts of the crusher is the most likely broken , worn in the use of relatively large so they need regular maintenance , frequent refueling to increase bearing life.

2. vertical roller mill maintenance routine aspects
To ensure the vertical roller mill in good technical condition , ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime , improve crusher good rates , utilization, reducing crusher wear and extend the life of the crusher ; do regular maintenance , enforced correctly processing using relational maintenance and repair , only not allowed to raise or just repair support .

3. vertical roller mill lubrication maintenance
Constant attention and timely manner lubrication friction surface , can guarantee the life of jaw crusher normal operation and extend equipment . Join the bearing grease is 50-70% of the volume must be replaced every three months , the application of clean gasoline or kerosene carefully cleaning roller bearings runway oil change . When the toggle plate and toggle plate pad contact must inject grease before starting crusher

Blast furnace slag and slag is a by-product of blast furnace ironmaking, resulting in the cement industry, also called powder. As one of the main water slag mixture of cement production, has a long applied history. The mining process must be applied to vertical...
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