Street Crime in Pakistan. and to Curb It

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Street crime

Street crime is a loose term for criminal offences taking place in public places. It has moved to occupy the place once held by mugging. According to London's Metropolitan Police Force, street crime is: Robbery, often called 'mugging', and also includes thefts from victims in the street where property is snatched and the victim is not assaulted. [1] Crime on the streets of a city may include many other types of offences, for example pickpocketing, the open carrying-on of the illegal drugs trade, prostitution in the form of soliciting outside the law, the creation of graffiti and vandalism of public property, and assaults. As a generic term street crime may include all of these, as well as offences against private property such as the stealing of hub caps. The majority of street crimes often portrayed by the various news media, is initiated by criminals seeking to gain financial objectives, viz., "a fast buck." However, street crimes can be carried out by organized individuals with a common goal of profiteering that is not considered by the FBI as 'organized crime' as these acts are random. [1]. The term 'organized crime' does not often include organized street crimes. See FBI Glossary. Organized crime is often a Major business compiled of many individuals associated together for the common goal of criminal profiteering. Whereas 'street crime,' is a hastily, loosely formed group of individuals with the common goal of gaining illicit money through an immediate criminal act, such as a three of more temporary individuals to form a "Gang."

Real World Law Enforcement Training Seminars
Today’s criminals are more cunning, more mobile and more sophisticated than ever. They are constantly fine-tuning and updating their criminal skills. It's crucial that every law enforcement officer also update and fine-tune his or hers knowledge of criminal trends and street skills. It’s a sad fact that complacency gets officers killed every year. Street Crimes police seminars are designed to provide real world training and tactics to keep law enforcement officials fully prepared. The three-day street crimes seminar is taught by real law enforcement officials with over 25 years of actual street cop experience. Every Street Crimes instructor is a nationally recognized expert in many areas of police work. They are able to blend unique experiences in Patrol, Narcotics, Gang Crimes, Undercover Work, S.W.A.T. Team and Federal Task Forces to create the most comprehensive training for all levels of law enforcement available today.The Street Crimes program teaches invaluable street-level skills that you won’t find anywhere else. Street Crimes is guaranteed to be one of the most informative and entertaining law enforcement seminars that you will ever attend, or we'll give you your money back.|

Street crime
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Street crime is a terms widely used to describe a range of crimes such as: * anti-social behaviour
* pick-pocketing
* alcohol and drug-related crime
* curb crawlers and street prostitution
* muggings
* gang fighting
* and violent on-street theft
* intimidation and threats. 
Both individual people and communities are affected by street crime. It can ruin people's quality of life and destroy an area's reputation. How street crime can affect you
Everyone reacts to crime differently. You might feel completely numb and unaffected after becoming a victim of street crime. Or you could be very afraid and in shock. You may even have physical affects such as shaking or crying. You might feel very angry towards the person who did this to you. Or you may be angry with yourself for having put yourself in a situation where a crime like this could happen. Whatever the circumstances, you may now feel extremly wary with a greater sense of danger. You could be afraid that it will happen again...
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