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Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
I have a child who is artistic and throughout his life I have searched for various programs and facilities that would enhance his learning ability. Now that he is an adult there are only a few places, which offer continued life lessons for adults with autism. Most of the facilities are faced with no money or support. The government has reduced funding to the nonprofit organizations because of the poor economic conditions. There is usually not enough staff to assist an individual with his or her needs. Your loved one can be reduced to sitting in the house all day with no stimulation and nowhere to go. Then the idea came to me that these adults needed some training in how to make it in today’s society. Transitions are a large part of any school or work day, as we move to different activities or locations (Hume, K, 2010). Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center-For Adults with Autism is the new organization I am introducing into the marketplace. In today’s society there are many families facing the dilemma of placing a child with autism who has become an adult in a comfortable setting while he or she has to work. Individuals with Autism need to have the opportunity to mingle with other people and take part in challenging activities (Rappeport, 2011). My daycare for these adults will provide different services, including improvement on his or her reading, writing, and social skills, therapeutic classes, cultural activities as well as a place to go to socialize with other people. Mission Statement

Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center-For Adults with Autism mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment founded upon caring, respect and compassion toward each individual’s abilities and disabilities.

Vision Statement
Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center’s vision is to become the leading service provider of an adult daycare service for Autism in the world. Helping people with disabilities will be the key to our success. Principles and Values

Principals are described as the essential truth that functions as the groundwork for a system of ideas or actions or of a chain of reasoning (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). It is also concluded for a chain that values, beliefs or ideas which are important to the organization (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Both principals and values are vital to any organization. Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center is grounded in principles and value of its founder. Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Centers programs and services will provide compassionate care for our customers. Our adult center will provide quality in all programs and be held responsible to those who employ and maintain our services. Making individuals and their families stronger is a key factor on which our organization stands. Everyone linked to our business will be treated with respect and dignity. Activities will be executed in an ethical and truthful way. We are dedicated to improving the skills and talents of our employees and supporting their involvement. Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Centers will provide a one-of-a-kind service. We will accept any opportunity and challenge to provide service by becoming creative, flexible and suitable. Strategic Direction

The company’s vision, mission, and values are vital to the strategic direction that Vernon’s Bright Minds wants to achieve. The direction is aim toward promoting independence. Supporting each individual and encouraging him or her to realize his or her hopes and dreams. Our job is to offer flexibility and choice. The ongoing challenge is to provide services that are personalized. We will also propose ways that do not compromise the future well-being of the company and that will help Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare achieve sustainability. One way we will accomplish this goal will be to hire the adequate staff. Each staff member will be professionally trained and certified in...

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