Strategic Marketing Management

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Management Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: September 2, 2014

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Strategic Marketing Management, 1st Edition
Luiz Moutinho - Glasgow University
Geoff Southern - University of Glasgow
ISBN-10: 1844800008 ISBN-13: 9781844800001
512 Pages
© 2010

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PART I: Introduction: Marketing and Business Processes
1. Marketing and Process Based Management
2. Customer Focused Management
PART II: Future Predicting Processes (Scenario Building and Forecasting) 3. Environmental Scanning and Strategy
4. Demand Management (Market and Technology Forecasting)
PART III: Data Management Processes
5. Strategic Corporate Knowledge
6. Strategic Information Systems
7. Marketing Measurement and Analysis
PART IV: Keeping existing customer processes
8. Market Value Chain Management
9. Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Insights
10. Operations and Marketing Programming
11. Distribution Product Category Management and New Delivery Channels PART V: Getting new customers processes: (Order Acquisition) 12. Market to Collection (Marketing mix management and Financial Management) 13. Reputation Management (Corporate Image and Communication)

14. Innovation Management, Time to market and solutions design. PART VI: Infrastructure processes: Organisational Development and Co-ordination. 15. Solutions Design
16. Strategic Planning Effectiveness and Performance Measurement. 17. Financial Appropriation and return (budgeting, allocation of resources) 18. Strategic...
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