Dawn as the Brand

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Dawn the Innovator in Brand Building
Jacquelyn Denton
American Intercontinental University
Dawn has created a loyal fan base since its introduction in 1973. Dawn marketers utilized several marketing techniques such as brand equity and positioning to remain the leader of dish soap sales. Dawn has built brand equity by using the original Dawn to spring board their new products such as the ultra concentrated Dawn with power scrubbers. Dawn positions itself in the market by fulfilling the consumers need for a quality product. Dawn has given consumers a new perspective as dish soap by being used to clean animals affected by the recent oil spill. The Dawn brand is an example of how brand building is an essential factor for businesses and their marketing departments

An interview was conducted with Terri Perkins, my mother. Terri has used the dishwashing liquid Dawn for many years. Terri has used Dawn dishwashing liquid 25+ years. Terri feels that no other dishwashing liquid cuts grease and gets the dishes clean. Terri has experimented with several other dishwashing liquids when others are on sale or money is short. Terri mentions no other dishwashing liquid comes close to Dawn. Research on the website www.dawn-dish.com states, “Since its creation in 1973, Dawn dishwashing liquid has been known for superior grease-fighting power”. (www.dawn-dish). Terri believes the old Dawn commercial that stated, “one drop of Dawn does it all”. Terri feels that other liquid detergents may be cheaper but you use more of the cheaper version. Dawn is rarely on sale but you use less, so it lasts longer. Terri has been a consistent user of Dawn for 10 years without using any other substitution. Terri has tried several other brands of liquid detergent such as Joy and Palmolive dish washing liquid. Terri figures it is not worth paying less money for less satisfaction. Terri doesn’t have any knowledge concerning the concepts of brand equity and brand positioning. The interview is concluded with answering questions concerning Dawn and the concepts of brand equity and positioning. A series of questions were asked by Terri during the interview. The first question, what is the definition of a brand? A brand is simply a name or symbol that is used to identify a product or a source of a product. A famous example is the golden arches, or the yellow M that represents McDonald’s restaurants. The yellow M is so well known a, 4 year old child can identify the McDonald’s brand on site even before knowing how to read. Terri was instructed the original Dawn only came as a blue liquid. Dawn was easily identified as a brand due to the unique blue color. Terri’s next question, what is brand equity? Brand equity was explained in relation to the Dawn liquid. Brand equity can be seen from three different perspectives. The first perspective involves finances. The financial perspective is one way to measure brand equity. The website www.netMBA.com states, “One way to measure brand equity is to determine the price premium that a brand commands over a generic product”. The financial perspective is why Terri is willing to pay a higher price for the Dawn versus paying the cheaper price for the competing liquids. The willingness to pay the higher price provides essential information about the value of the Dawn brand. The second perspective involves brand extensions. When Dawn first entered the market, only one choice existed. Today many variations of the Dawn brand exist. Dawn has teamed up with Cascade and they offer an automatic dish washer tablet. The website www.dawn-dish.com features several different Dawn products, such as Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty. Dawn has several extensions from the original scent such as citrus, lavender and a direct foam product. The website www.netMBA states, “A successful brand can be used as a platform to launch related products”. (Brand Equity 2010). The related brand such as the Dawn Direct Foam...

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