Strategic Management Case Study: Huuawei Co.

Pages: 4 (1000 words) Published: January 7, 2018

I. Acknowledgement
We would like to extend our gratitude for our instructor, Dr. Rania Karam, for providing us the opportunity to undertake this project. We benefitted greatly from the information given in class to complete the project.
We especially thank the Manager at Huawei’s Lebanon offices that answered all our question and contributed to the completion of this project.

II. Executive Summary
In this study, a general overview of Huawei Co. and a detailed analysis of its situation in the market is discussed, a problem is identified and a solution is proposed to help solve the problem. Huawei Co. was established in 1987 in China and is a major multinational telecommunications solutions provider. Huawei's main competence is its R&D, and...


Strategic Management problems may possibly arise due to feeble Corporate Governance or other organizational deficiencies. Several stakeholders may be affected in case the identified problems are not resolved.
As the increasingly scattered yet interdependent Information and Communications Technology ecosystem keeps advancing, the risk circle for ICT operators changes.
The ever changing IT industry presents various opportunities for companies. Seizing the opportunities depends entirely on each company’s ability to manage the risks of this...

Organization Design
Because Huawei’s employees are divided into departments (R&D, Manufacturing) it uses departmentalization as an organization design. It also is highly centralized and specialized.
4. Human Resource Management
Huawei Co.’s hiring strategy focuses on selecting exceptional candidates. Its compensation strategy is also exceptional with higher than average pay by Chinese standards.
5. Operations and Supply Chain Management
It is important to monitor and manage the supply chain as products are exported abroad in order to gain profits.
6. Product Development
Huawei’s R&D department grants it the ability to create new technologies which allows it to have a competitive advantage in the market.
• Resources
Resources create capabilities when combined. Here are the main resources at Huawei:
1. Financial Resources
As we previously said, Huawei’s connection and backing from the Chinese Bank grants it sufficient financial resources
2. Organizational Resources
Along with the R&D department, Huawei also has marketing and manufacturing departments. By linking the various departments such as the marketing and manufacturing departments, Huawei is able to meet its customer’s needs better.
3. Physical...
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