Mi Phone Market Strategy

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Xiaomi Tech (Beijing Xiaomi Tech Limited Liability Company) was created and led by angel investor Lei Jun in Beijing in 2010. It consists of some top talents who worked in Google, Microsoft and KingSoft and focuses on iPhone and Android software development of smart phone and service operation of mobile internet. The logo of Xiaomi is “MI”, which is the abbreviation of Mobile Internet and represents that Xiaomi Tech is a mobile internet corporation. At the end of 2010, Xiaomi Teach launched Phone real-name community Miliao. In the next half year, the registered user of Miliao breaks through 3 million. In addition, Xiaomi tech launches mobile phone operating system MIUI and Android mobile phone MI. Miliao, MIUI and MI are the three key core of Xiaomi Tech.

SWOT analysis
* Strengths
Clear market position: Xiaomi satisfies the need of mobile phone enthusiasts and caters to general public. Powerful product portfolio: Xiaomi can combine the hardware, OS and software. This is the first in inland. Highlighted the price advantage: High cost performance of Xiaomi’s product obtains popularity. Excellent technology: Xiaomi has powerful founding team, Technology research and development team and help from mobile phone enthusiasts. * Weaknesses

Simple product types: MIUI and Miliao rely on the MI and have poor independence. Limited channel: Xiaomi lacks resource to expand channel and manage. Lack of the management of hardware: Xiaomi was a software corporation. For hardware, Xiaomi has little experience. After-sale Service System: Xiaomi lacks resource to support after-sale Service System. Limited production capacity: Xiaomi do not have its own factory and only rely on other factory to package. Low value of brand: Xiaomi is a new mobile phone corporation and has not impressed the public. * Opportunities

Huge market potential: China has the biggest mobile market. Xiaomi has the huge market potential. The newest need of user: Cheap...
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