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Executive summary

The objective of this report is according to the knowledge of marketing management learning and base on the theory and collected information, help China Mobile to analysis the external macro-economic environment around them and internal company situation then give some strategies for them, which is suitable for China Mobile today’s situation and current competitive environment. There are 2 main parts of this dissertation, include external analysis and internal analysis. External analysis: in this part, I will use 2 important models as Porter’s 5 force model and PEST model to analyze and find out what opportunity and threats will bring to China Mobile. Five Force Model which identifies 5 important forces in microenvironment, as: the new entrance; the industry competitors; the bargaining power of Suppliers: the bargaining power of buyers and the threat of substitutes. And PEST model is used to scan the macro-environment, which considers the Political environment, economic environment, social / cultural environment, technological environment. This sector will focus on discussing how these key factors impact China Mobile’s position in the market. Further more. I will also analyze the two main competitors in Chinese telecom communication China Unicom and China Telecom in order to find out the competitive advantages of China Mobile. Internal analysis: in this part, will from this company’s financial part to analyze, to know this company’s profitability, China Mobile is still the leader of mobile communication industry in china, this company keeps growing in revenue and profit, but because of the intense competition, China Mobile’s profit increase rate decreased. For market mix analysis which includes 4Ps- product, price, place and promotion. China Mobile applies several series of its product and service in this market which meet customers’ demand, like Fetion, 139 mail-box, mobile market, mobile newspaper, international roaming etc. China Mobile has set a different price for different target customers, and facing the competitors’ lower price, China Mobile also set the mobile price packages. In the distribution channel part, China Mobile has many kinds of channels ,and China Mobile made the very good promotion, the main promotion strategy for China Mobile is adverting. The objective of using SWOT analysis in this dissertation is providing a list of “strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats” of China Mobile. After analyzing SWOT, it will help how to deal with the weakness and threats, use China Mobile’s advantages and seize the opportunity to develop and gain more profit. Take the advantage of China Mobile’s brand to expand its business scope and make better service quality, and continue to improve its 3G technology will greatly help China Mobile maintain and strengthen its market position in the future.

1. Introduction
The full name of China Mobile is China Mobile Communications Corporation, officially established on April 20th, 2000. It is a mobile operator, which is based on GSM (global system for mobile communications) and TD-SCDMA network. China Mobile fully holds the Shares of China Mobile (HK) Group Limited. China Mobile is the largest mobile operator in the World. China mobile is not only just basic voice services but also value-added Services like data transmission, IP telephone and multimedia and so on. And it is known for its brands like GoTone, Easy-Own, and M-Zone. China Mobile has been playing a leading role in the development of the mobile communications industry in China and it is committed to achieve the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development in social, economic and environmental aspects. And continue to create a wealth value to achieve the harmonious development. China Mobile aims at building the best service quality. With the rapid development of communication industry and telecom technology, and in today’s society,...
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