Strategic Human Resource Planning

Topics: Strategic management, Human resources, Labour economics Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Human resource planning determines the HR required by the organization to achieve its strategic goals.HRP is a decision making process which includes 3 important activities such as; •Identifying and acquiring right number of people with proper skills •Motivating them for high performance

Creating interactive links between business objectives and people planning activities

SHRP addresses qualitative and quantitative HR requirements and focuses on matching recourses to business needs in longer term.
HRP influences the business strategy by drawing attention to ways in which people could be developed and deployed to achieve org goals and the strategic HRP has 6 steps such as;

1.Environmental scanning
This is also known as situational analysis, strategic analysis, SWOT and TOWS analysis. Environmental scanning helps to identify and anticipate problems, threats , strengths and opportunities which affects org strategic planning. This also helps to review labor market, global labor market and governmental orgs.

Labor market
It helps to identify the numbers and types of available employees and whether it’s a loos or tight labor market.
Eg: many Western countries choose, Asian countries such as India and Philippines to outsource their business process •Governmental regulations
Organizations need to take into account the existing labor rules and regulations etc.
Eg: Factories ordinance stipulates employ a nurse if the total amount of employees are more than 150 in SL. •Global labor market
Businesses tent to choose destinations where the cost of labor is low in order to survive and grow
Eg: Air Asia introduced a fully automated system for ticketing and reduced paper work and gave the benefit to their customers.

2.Labor demand analysis
Labor demand is the need for, HR within an org derived from business needs. It is affected by the environmental forces. Orgs forecast their labor...
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