Cmi 3004 & 3006

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Communication Pages: 9 (2452 words) Published: January 11, 2012
In this assignment I will look at the ways in which data is gathered and selected, I will show my understanding of how to interpret data and information, and how I communicate the results of the information analysis.

For the second part of the assignment I will show my understanding of the following: * The process of recruitment and selection
* The process for recruitment, and
* The process for selection

The Process of Human Resource Management Plan
“The human resource planning process, demands the HR manager to first understand the business requirement. Only if he comprehends the nature and scope of the business, will he be able to employ those who will deliver the required performance. When it comes to engaging the manpower, the manager should have a keen eye for spotting the talent. It ensures that the workforce is competent enough to meet the targets.

Additionally, the existing 'talent pool' in the workplace should be taken into consideration, so that people with complimentary skills can be employed. The functions of the HR manager are varied; he has to assess the currently employed workforce and their shortcomings. Identifying these shortcomings goes a long way in choosing an efficient workforce.

While recruiting the new employees, the HR manager must calculate the expected workload. This way the HR department can design an accurate job profile and job expectations. Once you have the decided job descriptions, looking for candidates who fit the job will be easy. Don't be fooled by their qualifications, it is only the relevant experience that matters more. A good HR manager is one who has the zeal and passion to motivate his prospective employees to perform to their potential.

Human resource planning process, thus, can be considered as one of the strategic steps for building the strong foundation of an efficient workforce in an organization!”

Human resources use data by processing it into information, any data on its own is raw facts that cannot be used unless it is given a meaning or a context only then it can be processed into a usable form.

Qualitative Data
The term qualitative data is used to describe a type of information that can be counted or expressed numerically. This type of data is often collected in experiments, manipulated and statistically analysed. Quantitative data can be represented visually in graphs, histograms, tables and charts.

Qualitative Data
Qualitative data is extremely varied in nature. It includes virtually any information that can be captured that is not numerical in nature. Here are some of the major categories or types: * Interview transcript

* Field notes (notes taken in the field being studied)
* Video
* Audio recordings
* Images
* Documents (reports, meeting minutes, e-mails)

Human resources make the decision on having 8 housing support workers based on data and information that affects their decision. Data and information relating to these factors have a major influence on the decision of how many Housing Support Workers are needed in the sheltered housing schemes. * Economical factors

* Number of tenants needing support
* Funding provided
* Budget for salary
* Required hours for support (24hr)
There are 200 elderly people living in 6 sheltered housing schemes, HSW’s are required to see all of them on daily basis.

The organisation provides a personalised service to the sheltered housing tenants; each scheme is monitored and assessed in relation to the tenant’s needs, health conditions, mobility, and general wellbeing. There are seven schemes in total, but overall there are four, this is because in six schemes, two schemes are combined into one.

The hours that a HSW is needed on each scheme vary depending on the needs of the tenants, although all schemes have an emergency call system in which enables them to contact a housing support worker 24/7.

Two of the schemes...

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