Steve Jobs

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In this ever growing, rapid developing world as we can see today, there are many different successful leaders. As we know it, leaders are humans just like everyone else. How did they manage to stand out from the crowd? What did they do to achieve great success for an organization? As of all the successful leaders in the world, Steve Jobs is one of the successful leaders that managed to achieve great success for an organization. Therefore, Steve Jobs is the leader that I personally admire and would like to emulate.

According to Gallo (2011, p. 4), Jobs was named the best-performing CEO in the world by the Harvard Business Review. Jobs was given the title as he delivered “a whopping 3188% industry adjusted return (34% compounded annually) after he rejoined Apple.”(Gallo 2011, p.4). The key traits that made Jobs an aspiring leader was that he was able to think out of the box and he was also willing to try new challenges thus, taking risks. This is said because as said by Gallo (2011, p.5), Jobs originated the development of some of the sexiest Apple products yet such as the iMacs, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and not forgetting the iPods. Jobs took the risk of not knowing whether it would make or break the company, but he did it anyway. In the end, as we all know the result, Jobs succeeded. As quoted by Arrington (cited in Gallo 2011, p.5), “your world would look a lot different had Jobs not been in it: We’d likely still be in mobile phone hell.” “Without Steve Jobs, the world would be a less colourful place” (Arrington cited in Gallo 2011, p.5). Therefore, I personally admire and look up to Steve Jobs as he contributed change to the world in technology.

Not only that, other quality that made Jobs an inspiring leader is that he never gave up on doing a task even when he faced problems. As stated by Gallo (2011, p.29), “inventors are, by definition, failures. They fail far more often than they succeed.” This shows that Jobs, just like every other person has...
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