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Step-by-Step Instructions The Lesson Activities will help you meet these educational goals 21st Century Skillsyou will use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and communicate effectively. Directions Please save this document before you begin working on the assignment. Type your answers directly in the document. _________________________________________________________________________ Teacher-Graded Activities Write a response for each of the following activities. Check the Evaluation section at the end of this document to make sure you have met the expected criteria for each activity. When you have finished, submit your work to your teacher. Understand a Functional Document In this activity, you will discover the parts of an instruction manual and learn how the features help the reader understand how to use an object or achieve a result by following the directions. Skim this HYPERLINK http// and then answer the questions. List the headings and features that would help you use and care for the grill. Type your response here Care and Maintenance How is the most important information displayed Type your response here It is the bold and underlined subheadings How many graphics or pictures are used What do they depict Type your response here There are 10 graphics or pictures shown In which section(s) do you find step-by-step instructions Type your response here CLASSIC II ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Examine Instruction Manuals In this activity, you will examine and compare a few instruction manuals. Find two or three online or print manuals for different brands of digital cameras. Compare the features of these manuals. What do they have in common What are some differences What makes one manual easieror more difficultto read and understand than another Use the table to note the camera models, the differences and similarities in their manuals, and elements that make the manuals easy or hard to understand. Type your response...
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