Station Assistant (Part-time) (車站助理(兼職))

Topics: Marxism, Prostitution, Culture Pages: 4 (529 words) Published: May 17, 2014

What I have learnt in the course?
The culture is related to power. The course is became end, the feeling still ‘painful’ and confused form begin to now. But it’s something change. First question when I registration this subject, I ask myself what is my future and could I find the related jobs? We both need to face the fact. ‘Chair’ is no really a chair, is the meaning we add to this thing. It’s impression to me thinking about how culture power and influence. Put myself into the society and being experiments to study what is culture and study the culture sociologically.

Sociology and culture gives us empower to grasp the problem from human and society. A space to think how is the society constructing us also we read human not only by biological side but also the sociology perspective. The powerful case is our sex and gender. Rubin shows how society paint and give criteria to good sex based on the bad sex. Sex is a human right like diet, but society zoom the sex in big size. Sex is prohibited to share in society except to biological side. I never feel the sex could be discussed on the course like rationally form society side. Historicizing discourse show the insight.

Actually, I never though we’re exploited under the capitalism in the past. Only on Marxism theory, believed the working class exploited by the ruling class. It’s most inspiring to me to think about how I consume a product as a culture. People consume the products’ image, such as online shopping. The product we consumed that may not necessary. It’s only the capitalist showing us how the product makes our live better, and then make more profit.

I have an idea how social construct me when secondary school likes a potato. Everyone has own style especially hair, in school there are many rules to construct us to make change and limited to our hairstyle. School will mark you name when the hairstyle not be expected, also you must to have a haircut to fulfill the rules. School emphasis us...
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