Is Creative Capitalism an Effective Way to Make the World Better?

Topics: Africa, Communism, Third World Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: October 19, 2008
After reading Bill Gates’ article “Making Capitalism More Creative”, I don’t agree with his idea and don’t think creative capitalism is an effective way to make the world better. It is only effective way to stimulate today’s U.S economic. In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain why I disagree with Bill Gates’ point of view. Capitalism had been existed for over 400 years in human’s history since 1640. Frankly speaking, through capitalism, this world had been changed a lot. A lot of new technology had been innovated during 400 years. Especially in recent 100 years, human beings’ life style is much better than before. To take some real world examples, we can take airplane to travel from one country to another country in only one day. We can also use internet to commute with other people who live in another countries without any charge. Furthermore, new drugs make human beings’ life much longer than before. In a word, like Bill Gates said, “Capitalism has improved the lives of billions of people- something that’s easy to forget at a time of great economic uncertainty” (Making Capitalism More Creative, P2) However, still there are many people who live in the third world countries can’t enjoy the improvement in the quality of life. Majority of these people live on a dollar a day. Thus, creative capitalism comes out and pretended to resolve this problem. But wait a minute, Does Bill Gates really want to make the world better or just want to save the U.S economic? Basically, the whole idea of creative capitalism is try to make money and serving the poor people at the same time. Therefore, making money is still the heart of creative capitalism. As we all know, U.S economic got a lot trouble recently, a lot of American lost their job, couldn’t pay their mortgage, and price of oil had been grown dramatically. Bill Gates’ so called creative capitalism is just want to explore the new markets to make more money and stimulate the U.S economic...
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