Statement of Purpuse

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2 opening hooks:

#1: I visualize the world in frames.

#2: I appreciate door handles that, by their very design, clearly indicate I should grab and pull to open them rather than push.

#3: A door handle that has to label itself “pull” or “push”, by its very nature is bad design.

Statement of Purpose:

1. Fascinated with UX issues
2. Want to make things better for users

Next year will mark my 10th year working in and around the Web.

About ten years ago I started my career in marketing.

User experience design in giving people the greatest benefit for using

User centered design process, which focuses on answering real human needs in the context of everyday living.

I’ve been very fortunate to work at an organization that prides itself on putting the user first Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of

what you intend to do with the degree;
But I’d like for my education to take me beyond the web – to looking at things with

and what specializations you wish to pursue within the Master's program.

Succinctly explain your reasons for applying to the I School

Well regarded program
Will give me the applied skills as well as the theoretical foundation to be able to cope/tackle UX problems Will give me the background I need to be able to successfully tackle UX issues and opportunities and provide leadership in that area of expertise for an organization

Great moments in DR’s thinkging that the I school would be a great place for him: • Attended Edward Tufte’s presenting data and information course in San Francisco – why? I had always been really interested in how I presented information throughout my work – naturally, since I was on the business side of things, this was left up to powerpoint and excel. But his course was really fascinating – the acts of presenting information in a succinct and artful way can make such a big difference in how we communicate in the corporate world. • Mozilla – huge focus on the user experience and what that means to an organization. The main source of capital for the organization isn’t found in the company’s bank account, but rather through the community of users which are passionate on being able to use the web in a free, open, and innovative way. Being in an organization that is so focused on giving users the products that are usable in this way was eye opening for me. Given that we have nearly 200 million users, comes great responsibility – for continuing to positively effect users, we have to continue to have a laser forcus on designing a user experience .As a product marketing person at Mozilla, my belief is that the user’s experience starts with how they find out about the product. For example, I’m in charge of our user acquisition programs (meaning trying to get users to download and try our product), one of which is search marketing. One of our initiatives in running search advertising is not just in a traditiona, advertising sense (I display a message in the hopes that someone listens), but rather to combat websites that try and get people to avoid visiting sites that provide a bad experience to our users -- visits to download unlicensed, paid versions of Firefox

• Read the Donald Norman, the Design of Everyday Things. It Now everytime I try and open a door, or turn on an appliance, I try and get in the designer’s head – and how it could be improved. ::: "all aspects of the user’s interaction with the product: how it is perceived, learned, and used." [Donald Norman]

I’ve looked at user experience issues indirectly from a company’s point of view. If you were to stretch out the last decade of experiences on a continuum, you’d perhaps see a shift over time of moving towards a user centric approach to marketing.

Earlier days of working at advertising and promotion firms, largely focoused on the product being sold.

There were elements of design over my early career.

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