Inventory and Physical Distribution
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The railroad service which picks up truck trailers at a producer 's location, loads them onto rail flatcars, hauls them close to the customer, and then delivers them to the buyer 's door is:
A. truck service.
B. fast freight.
C. trailer service.
D. piggyback service.
E. pool car service.


Air express companies place many small packages into specially designed cylinders that conform to the interior dimensions of a cargo airplane. This practice protects the smaller packages and helps to reduce distribution costs. The air express companies are practicing:
A. Containerization.
B. Piggybacking.
C. Freight forwarding.
D. Cylinderization.
E. None of the above.


A major benefit of _____ is that it protects the products and simplifies handling during shipping.
A. fast freight
B. truck service
C. containerization
D. airfreight
E. piggyback


Piggyback service means
A. loading truck trailers on railcars to increase flexibility.
B. linking truck trailers to save fuel.
C. providing door-to-door service in cities.
D. special handling of important farm equipment.
E. combining small shipments of many shippers into more economical quantities.


Regarding alternative transporting modes, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. Waterways usually provide the lowest cost way of shipping heavy freight.
B. Airways are quickest.
C. Pipelines offer reliability in moving oil and natural gas.
D. Trucks serve the most locations.
E. All of the above are true.


A. is widely used by railroads, but has not caught on with other modes.
B. makes it easier to load and unload products, but it increases the risk of damage.
C. has increased competition between railroads and water shippers since both offer this service.
D. is commonly used for international shipments from Japan.
E. None of the above is true.

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