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Operational definitionDictionary definition

Product: is the service or goods the company produces. There are some elements added to the product aside from the product itself to make the customer attracted to it, such as wrapping. Product: something that is grown or made in a factory in large quantities, usually in order to be sold Price: is the amount of money that the customer pay to but the product, pricing is a very difficult task Price: the amount of money you have to pay for something. Place : is the place where the producers distribute their product in.Place: to put something somewhere, especially with care Promotion: that the promotion of an product is the publicity of your product, make the people know what you are selling. And how could this product be suitable to the consumers.Promotion: an activity intended to help sell a product, or the product that is being promoted: Competitors: are the organizations that produce the same product and try to gain more loyalty from customers.Competitor: a person, team, company etc that is competing with another: Success in market : it means that the company increases its sales and also her market share and gain a loyalty from the customers

Success: when you achieve what you want or intend.

Market: a time when people buy and sell goods, food etc, or the place, usually outside or in a large building, where this happens.

Branding: is the name or symbol that recognizes one producer of goods and services from others. A brand can identify one product of a company or a group of products or even it can recognize all the products of this seller.

Branding: a practice which involves a company giving a group of their products the same brand name, helping this name to become well-known

Packing: is creating a design of the package of the product, the container the surround the main product. This package must be safe and easy to use, the container some time attract the customers to certain product. ....
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