Rural Marketing Mix Live Example of Different Companies

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Rural Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix ‘refers’ to the set of actions, tactics, tools or variables that a company uses to promote and sells its brand or product in a markets

4 Ps of Rural Marketing
* Product :Product’ refers to anything that is capable of or can be offered to satisfy need or want? * Price :Price refers to the amount the customers has to pay in order to acquire a product or services * Place : refers to point of sale.

* Promotion: This refers to all the activities undertaken to make the product or service known to and preferred amongst the user and trade. *

Live example of rural marketing mix

Live example of rural marketing mix
Established in 1929
1st brands – Parle Glucose and Parle Monaco
Market leader in many products
35% share of the total biscuit market.
15% share of the total confectionery market.
14 manufacturing units for biscuits & 5 manufacturing units for confectioneries Parle has largest such manufacturing units in India
Annual turnover 2000 crores.
It has provided its products to the mass with the affordable range.

About parle-g
• Parle –G has been a strong household name across India. • A cream colored yellow stripped wrapper with a cute baby photo containing 10 – 12 biscuits with the company’s name printed in Red and you know these are Parle G biscuits. • The great taste, high nutrition, and the international quality, makes Parle-G a winner. • It has been the undisputed leader in the biscuit category for decades.

Parle - G and Price mix
* Market Penetration strategy
* Value pricing
* Profit margin for distributors is 4% and for retailers is 10-12% * Rs.4.00 for the last 12 yrs
* Increase in price by mere 50p.
Parle - G and Place mix
* The extensive distribution network.
* Parle G biscuits are available to consumers, even in the most remote. * Parle has nearly 1,500 wholesalers, catering to 4,25,000 retail...
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