Manage People Performance

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Task 1A - Think about where you are currently working, and the skills and day to day activities you need to carry out your work. Consider your personal goals (such as saving money for a holiday or to study at university), and those of the organisation you work for. Consider also how your study fits in with the bigger picture.

I am currently working for a book store as the Assistant Manager. The skills required for my position are: Customer service
Time management
Intermediate knowledge of working with computer programs eg. Microsoft office as well as various websites Ability to work in a faced paced environment.
Can easily adapt to changes of environment
My personal goals are to eventually be in management or run my own business and my studies will give me more of an understanding of what I need to do and improve on to get myself there.
Task 1B - Design a brief ‘position description’ for yourself. The position description should include your job title (such as ‘Sales Representative’) and the duties you carry out in your job such as selling merchandise to local grocery outlets.) Also, it is essential that you include explanation of the competencies and work ethics required for this position.

Job Title Assistant Manager
Reporting to Manager
Hours 38 hours a week Tuesday - Saturday
Location Miranda
Responsibilities and duties
Provides excellent customer service
Responds to customers inquires and complaints
Enforces all policies and procedures
Provides leadership, guidance and professional development to staff Models expected behaviour, attitude and work ethic
Re-orders inventory when needed
Reports any concerns or issues
In the absence of the manager you will handle all daily responsibilities. Responsible for dealing with damaged stock and returns
Assists in training Supervisors and new staff members
Performs administrative responsibilities as assigned.
Job Description
As Assistant Manager, you will be responsible for assisting the manager to achieve all store goals, including sales objectives, customer service, administrative tasks and merchandise presentation. In the absence of the manager you will be responsible for the smooth running of the store.  

Work experience and skills
Minimum of 2 years of experience working and supervising in a busy customer orientated environment Excellent customer service.
Strong written, verbal, communication and computer skills.
Strong leadership skills
A proven ability to deal with the customers in a calm and confident manner. Pays attention to detail
Ability to work in a pressured retail environment without compromising on quality Able to adapt to a constantly changing environment, with a flexible attitude and willingness to learn. Desirable

A love of reading
Any Qualifications relating to business, retail or management

Task 1C - Refer to the information above and create your personal work plan WORK GOALS
1. To be a positive leader
Treating everyone with respect
Being punctual
Having a positive attitude at all times
Encourage others
Working hard
Always ready to help others
Observe how staff are reacting to you over a month are we all working better together? Is the environment a positive one? Are people more motivated in completing the tasks laid out for them or expressing any ideas they may have? Working as a team to meet sales targets, returns deadlines, Getting new stock out onto the shop floor and any other tasks that are required. Creating a positive and happy environment to work in where people feel free to voice their ideas opinions and any problems they may have. 2.Reaching/ Exceeding sales targets

Having the appropriate information to know what sales expectations are Providing excellent customer service
Having a good product knowledge
Monitoring how...
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