Statement of Purpose (Mba)

Topics: Business school, Master of Business Administration, Business Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: September 1, 2008
Upon my graduation from_______, with concentrations in _________, I undertook a marketing position at _________ to further my field, and my international work experience. The insight I gained with respect to the diverse opportunities a career in _________ may offer prompted my decision to further my studies, and enroll in an __________ program focusing on __________. I felt such a decision would better prepare me to take advantage of my multilingual and multicultural background, as well as my natural creativity and interest in the subject matter.

Taking advantage of my education and linguistic abilities, I accepted a _________ at __________, working intimately with the __________ community. Although initially difficult and sometimes overwhelming, I persevered through the many challenges, and began developing an international portfolio of clients, business contacts, and professional experience while fully immersed myself in the potential and growth inherent to the position. The experiences of communicating with, and promoting trade amongst the international community have provided me with the powerful understanding of how interconnected is our world, and how excitingly intriguing it is to play a part in it.

My interest in continuing my education at _________ stems directly from the exposure of my current position. I believe that the curriculum will allow me sharpen the scope of my marketing focus; develop an understanding and awareness of emerging trends, technologies, and tools employed at the cutting edge of the field; and allow me to position myself at forefront of the field, equipped with the new ideas, contacts, and best practices one can only gain through the interaction with the students and faculty of a MBA university such as _________.

I have thoroughly reviewed the course content offered in the MBA program, and find it most suitable to both my educational and professional needs. That, coupled with the University’s...
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