Stasiland - Seperates Victims and Perpetrators

Topics: East Germany, Stasi, Communism Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The Book Stasiland uses the interviews with victims and perpetrators to inform the reader on life in East Germany. To some extent, Anna Funder does paint a black a white picture of her views, separating the victims from the perpetrators. As she despises the GDR/Stasi, Funder still acknowledges that many of the officials were just doing what was told and were reluctant to react, in fear of falling under the stasis harsh rules. Despite this, many of the officials were strong believers in the system, and do not regret life damaged due to their job. The Stories of Miriam, Julia and Frau Paul do highlight how the Stasi’s tough rules, may devastate ones life and Funder recognizes this by sympathizing for the victims. By seeing the effect the Stasi had not only to the civilians yet country itself, Funder is able to see the mark the Stasi left on its country.

It is obvious throughout the book that Funder empathizes with the victims she interviewed. With Funder being brought up in a Democratic western country, the thought of losing her freedom and privacy due to the large amount of spies and harsh laws, left her no choice other then to sympathise her victims. Funder characterizes these victims as ordinary civilians, who are entitled “enemy’s of the state” by the Stasi, despite not committing any large offense. Funder recognizes the damage done on victims, and stills sees them dealing with the trauma from the past. Miriam’s story highlight the Stasi’s firm rules and procedures when opposing against the GDR’s ideologies. Funder characterizers as a brave, strong girl, who is yet still tortured by the past due to the determination of seeking justice/closure, she needs. Frau Paul’s story features how her life was interrupted by the GDR’s regime, and how the immoral actions by the Stasi, led her in becoming “a lonely, teary guilt-wracked wreck,” due to being deprived access from her baby. The interview with Julia, underlined the Stasi’s strong intentions on keeping all their...
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