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  • Stasi

    The Stasi The Stasi were the primary intelligence and security agency of East Germany also known as The German Democratic Republic (GDR) during the cold war. They had a large amount of informants‚ agents and military trained police. They focused on espionage and political security. In its 39 years at least 1/3 of the East German population came under Stasi surveillance‚ arrest‚ detention‚ or torture. The East German government‚ with the assistance of the Soviet intelligence community‚ established

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  • Anna Funder's Stasi: Air In The G Air

    The Stasi were omnipresent in the lives of many East Germans that they even created their own dance known as the Lipsi. The Lipsi was a dance invented by a GDR committee‚ which was the regimes attempt to create a trend for the masses (Funder 127). This dance was a conservative dance that did not emphasize in the hips‚ rather in the feet. Funder stated‚ “The makers of this dance had plundered every tradition they could find and painstakingly extracted only the sexless moves” (Funder 127). The regime

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  • Stasiland - Seperates Victims and Perpetrators

    the GDR/Stasi‚ Funder still acknowledges that many of the officials were just doing what was told and were reluctant to react‚ in fear of falling under the stasis harsh rules. Despite this‚ many of the officials were strong believers in the system‚ and do not regret life damaged due to their job. The Stories of Miriam‚ Julia and Frau Paul do highlight how the Stasi’s tough rules‚ may devastate ones life and Funder recognizes this by sympathizing for the victims. By seeing the effect the Stasi had not

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  • Stasiland

    displayed in the final chapter. This feeling of grief which belies through the book is shown through Miriam who loses her freedom at age 16 and later in life her husband Charlie‚ Frau Paul who loses her son and Klaus whose career is lost thanks to the stasi. The way in which Funder structures her text also creates more of a sense of reflection rather than positivity. Miriam Weber experiences much loss during her life in the GDR‚ and her grief and suffering is displayed as a basis throughout ’Stasiland’

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  • Anne Funde

    Daniel Lee Professor Gutowsky English 300 4/7/14 The Reasons and Inspirations Anna Funder was an excellent writer and her novels are well anticipated for a good reason. Her first book‚ Stasiland‚ was translated into 16 different languages and won the Samuel Johnson Prize‚ which is a top level award in Britain. The novel was a personal inspection of East Germany’s shady secret service and its faith in Germany‚ and is an excellent novel that people everywhere should read even in Professor Gutowsky’s

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  • Faustian Essay Draft

    Funder describes the Stasi as ‘innovators‚ story makers and Faustian bargain-haunters” How successful is she in the portrayal? As did Alice in Wonderland‚ Funder finds herself plunging deep into a world unknown. A world bathed in grey‚ where ‘story makers’ could ruin your future and a world where the Stasi ‘brainwashed its citizens into glorifying the GDR and spying on their friends and family’. Funder’s’ didactic text‚ ‘Stasiland’ explores the personal and societal effects of life under the constant

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  • Stasiland essay

    various people that either worked for the Stasi‚ or had a run in with them‚ in order to discover the facts about what really happened during the time of the GDR. Uncovering the truth becomes difficult for Funder‚ as she realizes that the entire operation was built on “lie after lie after lie.” The Stasi went to extreme lengths to cover up what was really happening to the people in their custody. The story of Miriam Weber includes different examples of the Stasi either lying about their actions or keeping

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  • Characters Of Stasiland

    Characters: Funder: Narrator/critique/friend/observer/interviewer/historian Explores and re-tells stories from ex Stasi men‚ and victims of the Stasi Explores through human stories the separation of east and west Germany Experiences sympathy for victims as well as all Germans who lived through two tremendous events within a small space of time She has an outsiders perspective not experiencing the feelings of those times personally Miriam: Story inspires Funder to write the text. Funder can explain

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  • Stasiland Pracessay5

    bulk‚ to the highest degree DAMAGED – harmed‚ injured‚ spoiled‚ vandalized‚ hurt‚ inflicted‚ corruption‚ impairment‚ suffering CHARACTER – persona‚ personality‚ individual‚ human being‚ person‚ nature‚ spirit STASILAND – Toletarian regime‚ the Stasi Regime‚ German Democratic Republic (GDR)‚ “Antifascist Protective Measure”‚ East Germany‚ The Berlin Wall‚ “the secret walled-in garden” CONTENTION = NO IN FUNDER’S TALE OF THE HORRENDOUST ACTS OF THE TOLETARIAN REGIME‚ ALTHOUGH FRAU PAUL WAS ONE

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  • The Lives Of Others By Michelle Looc

    Donnersmarck portrays Wiesler as a Stasi officer. He wears grey and black clothes‚ his apartment and the use of lighting creates a dull effect showing viewers the room looks plain and boring. He also only has one plate‚ one cup and eats uncooked rice with tomato sauce. He doesn’t decorate his home nor does he use the effort to cook delicious dinner. This portrayal defines Wiesler as an uncreative person. When we first hear of Wiesler it is from another Stasi escorting a prisoner to the interrogation

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