Stargirl Acrostic Poem

Topics: Want, Little Bo Peep, Cheerleading Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: March 29, 2015
Victoria Melendez 2/20/11
Mrs. Christina/Pd. 5 Stargirl Acrostic Poem
Stargirl attends Mica High school in Mica Arizona. Stargirl also likes to change her mane to the way she feels. Tons of students in Mica follow her by what she does in school. Stargirl is the next big thing. Stargirl dresses very uniquely like wearing a kimono, dressing like Little Bo Peep, etc… Stargirl is very unselfish and only cares about others and how they feel. All of the cheer leaders think it’s a great idea to put Stargirl on the Cheerleading team. However, Stargirl cheers for both teams. This starts to become a problem. Right during the championship basketball ball game Stargirl goes over to help one of the star players who get hurt during the middle of the game. The Mica school is furious with her about this. This is the turning point of the novel. Girls and boys hate Stargirl and the whole school shuns her except of Leo and Dory Dilson. Leo wants Stargirl to try and act normal in front of the school to fit in and no longer be shunned. Leo needs the school acceptance more than Stargirls. When all is failed Stargirl gives up on trying to become popular and goes back to being herself. In all of the chaos that goes on in school, Leo and Stargirl go to Archie for his wisdom and his input on things. However, Archie can’t quite pin his finger on her either. Right after Stargirl gives up on being popular and knowing that Leo does not want to go with her, she disappears. Stargirl moved after the ball and no one saw her again. Even after Leo kind of found out how she knew about everybody, he and Archie could still not figure her out. However, the school never forgot about her and incorporated almost all of her ideas into clubs and other things in the school. No one from Mica forgot about her.
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