Starbucks SWOT Analysis

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Starbucks SWOT Analysis When you think of a company that has been very successful what company comes to mind? In particular one chain that is available all over the world that has deemed to be very successful is Starbucks. In what was do you think they have strategized or planned to be as successful as they are today? One way a company can develop a plan for success is using a SWOT analysis. “A SWOT analysis is used to assist faculty in initiating meaningful change in a program and to use the data for program improvement” (Orr, 2013). In reference to the success of Starbucks we will take their opportunities in lock step with this analysis. This will help us see how well Starbucks performs and if it will continue to be a great company. To properly conduct a SWOT analysis a general outline is shown below:

(Harvard College Consulting Group) The first part of a SWOT analysis we see is strength. Strength is an item every business wants to capitalize on and a business like Starbucks we know is one that definitely has strengths. If you were to go up to anyone and ask them if they know what are Starbucks is I am sure they would be able to tell you or at least say they have heard the name of the company. When it comes to coffee and people who drink it on a regular basis, coffee drinkers see Starbucks as one of the better companies to get there coffee from. They not only serve coffee at their thousands of locations but they also serve danishes, pastries, and other snack items for others to enjoy. “Starbucks operates more than 9,400 of its own shops, which are located in about 10 countries (mostly in the US), while licensees and franchisees operate roughly 8,650 units worldwide (primarily in shopping centers and airports)” (Starbucks Corporation, 2014). One factor that sets them apart from the rest is that there are locations everywhere. It is almost impossible to go somewhere and not have a Starbucks location within ten miles of where you are. This makes it great

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