Starbucks Globalization

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Since I’m interested in history of legendary brands I have always wondered what makes some organizations globally known and recognized throughout the world and how it eventually affects our culture in general. For my ethnography study I have decided to explore probably the most famous coffee shop in the world - Starbucks. Having subsequently examined the theory of globalization, in my report I would like to reveal the features due to which this theory can be applied to Starbucks and to show how it really works in the real life.

Company overview

Founded: 1971
Country of origin: USA.
Number of outlets: 20,366
Commercial and economic activities of the company:
1. Starbucks owns more than 20,366 stores.
2. Starbucks is the largest coffee shop chain in the world.
3. It is one of the most expensive brands in the world.
4. Stores are located in more than 61 countries.

It is almost impossible to imagine the modern world without Starbucks. Today it is the world's largest chain of coffee shops, which is known and loved for comfort, high-quality coffee and its special atmosphere that prevails in all the stores all over the world. Now it's hard to believe, but before Starbucks America practically didn’t know what real coffee was - it was just the domain of a few gourmands. But in business, as in history, there was a person who played an active role: the man, who fell in love with good coffee and made love it the whole America, and then the world. Starbucks’ green signboards have already become part of the urban landscape in many cities around the world. According to the company Brandchannel, Starbucks is one of ten best global brands and also it is praised as the most desired coffee shop. Few small businesses operating for less than thirty years can grow so rapidly - the company started in 1985 with a cafe, and today the number of Starbucks coffee shops is more than 60 thousand - maintaining its original character at the same time. Fortune Magazine tirelessly admits that Starbucks is one of the "favourite" companies in America with the best staff in the world. According to the Business Week magazine, Starbucks is the world's best brand. Business Ethics annual edition includes it in the list of companies with the highest degree of social responsibility. From 1971 to present, Starbucks opened its coffee shops in more than 61 countries around the world, including such typical tea lovers’ countries as Japan and China. In addition, it continues to win national markets and opens up on average four coffee houses per day. Starbucks is the first coffee shop that offered U.S. residents quiet and cozy atmosphere of the "third place" where people regardless of their age, social status, ethnicity, culture and mentality are pleased to come after work or household chores. As Starbucks became a monopolist in the coffee sales sector it had chosen the right position to maintain their business for many years. An individual personalized attitude to each employee and customer, brand scent and relaxing music, high standards of roasted coffee, territorial accessibility, innovation, and most importantly the ability to maintain all the components on a high level are the key factors of the uniqueness of this place. The answer to its success is simple: Starbucks’ company has found its own unique niche. While the other companies fight for cheapness of their beverage and forget about its taste, Starbucks offers premium quality coffee, for which clients are willing to pay extra a dollar or two and forget about cheaper offers.

Overview of perspective

Globalization - is not just an activity, it is a process in which we are all involved, not only as subjects but also as objects, because it's not just what people do, it’s what happens to people. The question of globalization is very important in the modern world because its process changes the world radically. Nowadays, the effects of globalization can...
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